Writing an Invitation Letter


Mr. Clive McVicar
Electronics Inc.



All the staff members,
Electronics Inc.


DearĀ  staff members,

This is to inform you that our company is celebrating its 50th golden anniversary. In view of this, we certainly need your presence and full cooperation regarding the preparation of this grand party which will be held on the 25th of April 2011. Please be guided accordingly for further information about the individual committees in charge for the preparation of needed for the party.

The company is arranging to invite several important and significant people and business personalities. And since we will work as a team, make sure that we can organize an amazing, respectable and grand party for the benefit of our company and the employees as well.

The board of directors is looking forward to working with your department and other departments as well to make sure that this party will be a success. The success of one is the success of the entire company. We hope to see you cooperating with the preparation of this event.


Mr. McVicar


Invitation Letters

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