Writing an Apology Letter

Dearest Dad,

You might be wondering as to why I am talking to you in this way. The reason behind this letter is that I feel ashamed of myself to confront you. Yesterday, it was one of the ugliest language with which a son talked to his father. I apologise from the core of my heart. I realised it very late that whatever may be the reason, I should not have spoken to you in that tone. I am sorry, Dad. I have never been so rude and I just got carried away in something which I do not understand. I do not understand how I can talk to you in such a way when everything and literally everything of mine, body and soul is indebted to you.

I will take care that I do not behave in such an absurd and irrational way anytime in the future. I hope you forgive me soon.

Your loving son,


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