What should be in an application letter

An application letter is a letter which is written by a person so as to apply in an organisation, company or any other entity for a definite purpose. These letters are also written to apply for a job position or an academic course or subject in an institute. There are various types of application letters which are divided on the basis of the purpose of writing the letter. These formal application letters must be carefully drafted and written by following a particular format or code. In order to write a perfect application letter, one must be aware of the points that should be included in it. For your help and reference, we have a few points given in the following lines.

  • The application letter must be started with the writing of the sender’s address and name. This is important to be given so that the recipient can contact you back if needed. Then the recipient’s name and address should be mentioned.
  • After the address, the date of writing the letter must be written in dd/mm/yy format.
  • In order to frame a good application letter, one must always write a subject which should state the reason for writing the letter and the position for which the sender is applying. The subject must be underlined and put in bold.
  • After the subject, a proper and formal salutation must be written down. This salutation must use words like ‘Respected’, ‘Ma’am, and ‘Sir’.
  • The body of the letter follows next and it should always been kept in mind that the body should be divided into paragraphs. The first paragraph should be an introductory paragraph which should state the reason for writing the letter. The second paragraph must state the reasons why the applicant is suitable for the position applied. The last paragraph must be used for signing off.
  • At the end, the signature of the sender must be done.

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