Welcome Letters

Welcome letters are written in reply to thank you letters sent to you by a friend, an employee or other people. These are used as a general courtesy to say welcome to anyone who expresses his gratitude to you. The tone of this letter, just like the thank you letter has to be polite and heartfelt.

The following can be considered a few categories into which welcome letters can be divided:

  • Welcome letters to employees
  • Welcome letters to friends
  • Welcome letters to guest
  • Welcome letters to family

These letters don’t need to be necessarily formal and can be written in a casual tone too depending on the recipient of such letters. The following points can be kept in mind while writing these letters:

  • Use language that expresses your appreciation and enthusiasm.
  • Be cheerful and glad to have helped the person from whom the thank you letter was received.
  • Be brief and don’t add unnecessary points which lengthen the letter and make it look over the top.
  • Be genuine and don’t add points which are not required and those which stray away from the main topic.
  • Be inviting enough to let the person contact you without hesitation again.

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