Welcome a New Employee Letter


William Crawford,

Team Leader- Sales Department

Eagle Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

205th City Road, Holland Park Avenue,

London, Great Britain

February 17th, 2012

Dear Mr. Crawford

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you as a new employee to my Sales team. I am pleased that you have accepted our job offer and you are ready to begin your career with Eagle Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

We, as a leading sales organization, are aimed at improving the market exposure by setting up a wide network of prospective clients. Our business associates and employees invest their consistent effort to meet up the field challenges.

As per our official discussion held during the interview session, you will be directly reporting to the team manager of your Sales team. Today, you will receive a concise schedule of your official duties and responsibilities.

I do hope that you will feel comfortable in this new office environment and will grab an idea of your professional commitments.

Once again, I am very glad to welcome you to Eagle Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and looking forward to a long- term working relationship with you!

With Regards,

Bob Spencer

Senior Team Manager- Sales


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