Wedding Shower Invitation Letter

June 1, 2010

Frances Goodwill

10 Ellison Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 8ST

Dear Frances,

I will be getting married next month to my fiance, Edward, who has been my long-time friend and colleague.  Before I finally tie the knot, I would like to spend some special time with my close friends.  It would be great to relish my last days of being single with you.

I hope you can come to my wedding shower on June 20 at the Newcastle Cafe.  I have also invited my friends at work and our friends from college.  I look forward to having you there since we have shared many good and bad times together that I will never forget.  I hope you can also give me advice about married life as you have been happily married for two years already.

Please inform me soon if you will not be able to attend.  Though it would really sadden me if you would be absent.


Valerie Wiles

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