Wedding Proposal Letter

September 10, 2011

Ms. Rhian Robinson

77 Royal Worcestershire Drive


Lancashire LS11 1BA

My darling Rhian,

Waking up today to a bright sunny day seems to be lacking in the warmth that my heart is yearning. I

paused and asked myself what will make my every morning bright and sunny. My heart whispered your

name and that struck me – you are the sunshine of my life!

I would never want to wake up another day without the sunshine and so with much love I am offering

you my life to be your partner for the rest of our lives. Will you please accept this marriage proposal?

We have known each other for the last three years and you have shared in the roller coaster ride of my

life. You were there during the highs in my life as w ell as my great comforter in the lowest ebb of my

existence. Be my wife, my darling Rhian.

Please let me know your answer when we meet for dinner on Saturday, September 16 at The Grill.

Your love,



Proposal Letter

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