Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter

September 10, 2011

My Dearest Sweetheart,

Sweetheart the years have gone so fast. It was as if only yesterday you were walking down the aisle and

I waiting by the altar, awed by your beauty and so much in love for the woman I will be sharing my life

for eternity. Now as we celebrate our ten years of togetherness, I could not keep my deepest admiration

for you. The day I married you was the happiest and the most significant decision I have made in my


Ten years, an d more to come, our love will always be as fresh as the first year we have spent our lives

together. We may age physically but our hearts will forever be young because of our love for each other.

I could not put into words how I appreciate all the things y ou have done to me. You have brought in this

world four wonderful children that will remain a lasting legacy of our love. I could not thank you enough

for your love . . . Happy Anniversary. I will always be true to you my love. I love you more each day.

Your loving husband

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