Warning Letter to Staff


The Staff,

Metallurgy Department

London University

31st August 2013

Sub: Warning Letter

Respected Staff,

Owing to repeated complaints from students I feel responsible to put forth the issue at hand. It is my duty to warn you of students discord towards some of the teaching methods adopted by you. As the session has just started, I am sure adjustments can be made. In my discussion with the students’ council I have been able to assimilate the key reasons of their dissatisfaction:

  1. Too much of theory in the practical classes.
  2. Bookish imparting of knowledge which is also available to them.
  3. Not entertaining all their doubts.

From my own experience I see all these matters under reach of an easy solution. Our labs are filled with rock specimens and the laboratories have all the necessary equipments for practical experiments to take place. It would be helpful to use more than one reference book for your daily lectures and present the matter in a more interesting collage of all the books. Lastly, I think the teacher is always teaching the weakest student of the class. If he understands, they all do. Please entertain all their queries. I hope you will join my enthusiasm to impart them an unparalleled interest for science.


Mr. Pip Tullet

Head of Department, Metallurgy

London University

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