Warning Letter to Service Provider



Shine and Dine Cleaning Services,

Cromwell Road, London

31st August 2013

Sub: Warning Letter

Dear Service Provider,

I am sure you are aware of our legal contract for cleaning services of dining and kitchen at Milton Reprise Hotels. We have recognized lapse of regularity and satisfactory performance from your side, and have indentified the following failures on your part:

  1. Irregularity of services at branches other than the main branch.
  2. Late service which interferes with our smooth service to the customers.
  3. No serious action against perpetual defaulters even after repeated complaints.

These three points are an evident breach of contract clauses 2, 4 and 7. It goes without saying that this can lead to premature termination of our contract and nonpayment of your bills. In either case you have to look into the matter at the earliest, clear all such inconsistencies as soon as you receive this notice. Further delays and disregard will call for strict action from us. A rough calculation of losses incurred has already been made and we will pursue this legally, in case you fail to make proper amends to correct and maintain the services promised by you.


Mrs. Valerie Unwin

Hotel Manager

Milton Reprise Hotels


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