Warning Letter to Contractor


Rodney Nightangle,

Contractor, Dash Real Estate,

Cromwell Road, London

31st August 2013

Sub: Warning Letter

Dear Contractor,

I am sure you are aware of our legal contract that my duplex 12/18 Kensington Building, was to be constructed within a year starting 1st July 2012. It is month over due date and latest inspection brings to my notice that only the ground floor has been completed. The first floor is still far from completion. And even the ground floor needs water, electricity connections and doorway fittings in the bedroom.

This is a clear breach of our contract and calls for two very important changes in the contract.

  1. This makes us free of the clause that we will pay extra charges for increase in raw material cost after a due date.
  2. We have to warn you that if the construction goes on for more than a month more, you will have to pay us the residential monthly rent for the area, which we are losing only because of your delay.

In addition to the slowness if construction exceeds over by 3 months, we will regards this as unpleasant and pursue this legally against your firm for making faulty promises. It is thus advised that you speed up your construction by putting in more work hours and labor so that the quality of work is not affected by the quickening of construction.


Mrs. Laurence Oldershaw

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