Volunteers Request Letter

Ms. Catherine Bennington


Happy Children Hospice Trust

Drakes Court

Alcester Road


Birmingham B47 6JR

September 10, 2011

Ms. Nicole Orton

Head of Department

The University of Birmingham


Birmingham B15 2TT

Dear Ms. Orton,

Your warm support to any events of the Happy Children Hospice Trust has always been appreciated. This

year our foundation will undertake “Share Your Love,” another charitable project aimed to lighten the

living condition of the chil dren in our care. I am once again counting on your support by providing us

student volunteers.


This charitable project will be conducted every Saturday for the next three months starting on the first

Saturday of October 2011. The student volunteers will a ssist our staff in conducting weekend activities

that will cultivate the artistic talent of the children. Please appraise the volunteers that they will be on

hand to teach art works such as painting and coloring as well as creative skills on singing and dancing.

We thank you in advance and we look forward to another fruitful partnership with your prestigious



Catherine Bennington



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