Volunteer Termination Letter


Harold Davidson

71 Oak Bridge Sector

Maple Avenue


January 23, 2012

(Subject: termination from the position of volunteering)

Dear Sir,

It has to come to the notice of our organization Young Servicemen that you have been continuously creating petty nuisances at our work place with the fellow workers and seniors.

You had previously warned thrice – on December 14, 2011 for picking up a fight with a junior volunteer, on Dec 30, 2011 for stealing money from a fellow volunteer and on January 15, 2012 for abusing your senior. But due to recent event that took place in our office on January 21, 2012, it seems that you have decided to behave as you please at the cost of demeaning others and degrading the repute of this organization.

The management has decided to terminate your position from immediate effect. For any further query, you can contact us.

Yours truly,

Jack Pringle


Young Servicemen

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