Vehicle Sales Letter

November 30, 2010

Mr. Clive Smith

Sturry, Canterbury

Kent, CT1 0NR

Dear Mr. Smith,

Put an end to your incessant hunt for your dream car by visiting Best Motors today.  We have a variety of vehicles, both old and new, that would suit different aesthetic tastes, needs, and financial status.  All our vehicles are in great condition and come with proper documents.  Plus, these are available at lower prices!  We also offer installment plans.  Buying the right car will be a breeze as our knowledeable staff will assist and guide you throughout the procedure.

For your convenience, we can also facilitate getting your car loan and insurance through reliable organizations in United Kingdom.  If you prefer a special car number, we can also accomplish your request.

Visit us today for your instant satisfaction.  Bring this letter with you and you can avail of special discounts.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Gillies

Marketing Manager

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