Vacation Request Letter


Mr George,

Sales manager,

LLK mall


Mr Clooney,

Head of sales department,

LLK mall

Dear Mr Clooney,

This letter has been drafted and forward to you, from my side, in order to put forward a request to you. The request is to seek a month long holiday from the job obligations of the manager in the sales department of the LLK mall. The month long holiday is needed for the event of marriage in my life and since marriage is such an important event in one’s life, the request takes the face of desperation.

I would like to elucidate the fact that the request has been intimated in the prior confrontation and there was a hint of doubt and I was expected to find a worthy replacement for my post. The replacement has been found and has been trained for the last week and also the person holding the post of the junior manager in the sales department has ensured the discharging of the duties in an efficient way.

Yours faithfully,

Mr George

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