Used Car Sales Letter


Paul Carten

Purchasing Manager

Joy Car Company

32 Avenue lanes

Birmingham, London


14th January 2012

Subject: Selling of used cars.

Respected Sir,

We at SPARE Car Company deals with buying and selling of used cars. It is our speciality to satisfy a customer with his need to buy a care packed with all desirable features.

You being a purchasing manager of your company must be aware of the fact that buying a new car these days is not that easy. Above all the replacement of its parts requires a flow of heavy income from one’s salaries. Therefore, we excel in selling used cars which are handpicked by us in a very good condition. Such cars are resistant to easy wears and tears and are put up for sale by us after giving it a necessary refurbishment.

Your consideration towards this sales letter would be highly appreciated. Please contact us on 98398292839.


Henry Thomas.



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