University Holiday Letter


All concerned students and staff

Central University of London

89, Eiffel Towers, Central London


16th June 2012

Subject: University holiday letter

Dear students and employees

I feel very sad and remorseful to declare that the central university of London will remain closed on 30th June 2012 in order to express our grief due to the demise of our most senior faculty Dr. Kyle Bishop in the physics department yesterday due to heart attack.  He was the only professor in our university who had won the noble prize for his outstanding contribution in the field of nuclear science and energy. He has already published over five hundred research papers and was a gold medalist in the international scientist Olympiad 2010.

He was extremely famous among his students and it is very difficult for the university to find a replacement for such a talented person .The void that he has created by leaving us all of a sudden will take years to get filled up. I would request all the students and staff to observe two minutes silence at 10 am sharp so that his soul could rest in peace.

Yours’ sincerely

Paul Daniel

Principal, Head of the Intuition

Administrative Arena

Central University of London

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