Unemployment Appeal Letter


Mr Tony,

Employment Assurance NGO,



Human Resource Development Ministry,


Dear sir/madam,

This letter has been drafted to put your valuable attention on the increasing unemployment in the country. Every now and then, there are news in the media of young people giving up hope in their early stages of life and the main reason behind this drastic step of theirs being their unemployment, in most of the cases. After realising the threatening pace with which the cancer of unemployment has been seeping into the veins of our country, we have decided to write to you.

I am sure that the ministry is doing the needful. However, the employment needs have not been satiated. People have started questioning about the efficiency of ministry. However, we still have faith in people we have elected. Our NGO has drafted some documents enclosed along with this letter delivering facts and reasons behind increasing unemployment. There are some suggestions as well. We are hoping for the best.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Tony

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