Types of announcement letters

An announcement letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to make certain kind of an announcement either to another person or a group of people. Announcement letters can be both formal and informal. An announcement letter effectively gives out the details of the announcement and is used quite regularly and commonly. Any such letter must be written in such a way that the announcement is properly explained and stressed upon and other irrelevant details are ignored and avoided. There are many different types of announcement letters which are categorised on the basis of the announcement type, formal or informal tone, nature of recipient etc. Given below for you are a few major types of announcement letters.

  • Business announcement letters:

Business announcement letters are used to announce something within a business organisation or amongst business organisations. These types of letters are formally written and are generally used to announce meetings, conferences, employee introduction, seminars, a major deal etc.

  • Announcement of wedding letters

An announcement of wedding letter is a category of an announcement letter which is used by a person or a couple to make an announcement about their wedding to friends and relatives. These letters are informal in nature and are used to give the date and venue of the wedding.

  • Announcement of child birth letters

These types of letters are used by people to announce the birth of their child to loved ones and colleagues. The letter is informal in nature and tone and must be used to express happiness of the couple at giving birth to a child. In the letter, the gender of the child and the date of birth are mentioned.

  • Announcement of resignation

This category of announcement letters is used by a person to announce his/her resignation from a company or a business organisation and must be written in a formal tone and format.

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