Transfer Request Letter

Ms. Terry Henderson

Northgate, Canterbury

Kent, CT3 1BG

February 14, 2010

Mr. Richard John

Human Resources Officer

News Weekly

Dear Mr. John,

I am Terry Henderson, one of your correspondents.  I found out recently that the position senior correspondent is available in the company and I would like to request to be transferred to the said position.

I have been working as a correspondent in this paper for five years now.  Prior to this, I worked as a desk editor at a local paper.  I am a graduate of Journalism and also spent five months as an intern at this paper before starting to work.  I strongly believe that I am highly qualified for the position.  I have gained sufficient experience and knowledge about the profession by working as a correspondent in the paper.

If possible, I hope to meet you personally to discuss the matter at your convenient time.  I will call your office soon for your response.

Thank you.


Ms. Terry Henderson

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