Transfer Order Letter


Arnold Schwarzenegger

10 Park Street, London


5th Sept 2012

Sub- Transfer Order letter

Dear Mr. Arnold

I am writing this letter to inform you that the management has decided to transfer you to the Seattle branch. You are an asset to the company from the very time you joined us. Your effort increases the sales and motivates the team to a great extent. You have shown exceptional dedication to your work and you have constantly shown an aptitude to stay ahead of the curve and help in business development. You are a reliable worker and have never caused any issue that compromised your own position.

You might be aware that our Seattle Branch in-charge left the organization on 3rd September 2012 for some personal reason. Based on your performance at our London branch, the management has decided to transfer you to our Seattle branch with effect from 16 September 2012.We acknowledge that you will need some time to settle in Seattle, therefore the company will give you 10 days leave so that you settle there and get used to that place. As a result of the transfer your salary will be increased to 2000$.

Please call the HR manager if you have any other queries. Wishing you luck for your new role.

Best regards,

Christine Bale

InfoTech Private Limited

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