Transfer Application Letter


Mr Louis,

C-2, Wilson lane,



Mr Terence,

Head of Marketing department,

LITS Technologies Ltd,


Dear Mr Terence,

This letter is written with a specific purpose. I hope this letter serves my specific purpose. After realising that my child has secured a seat in the Worcestershire University. My wife has managed to seek transfer to Worcestershire. And this is the reason I am writing this application letter for seeking transfer to the Worcestershire branch if LITS Technologies Ltd. It shall give me peace on the personal front and I shall be able to concentrate on my work in an efficient way.

I assure you that the Worcestershire branch of LITS Technologies Ltd would benefit better than this branch from my services since the personal shore of mine will lay in calm and settled. I am hoping that the company will value my services and grant me the transfer which I am longing for. Thanking you in the anticipation of quick and favourable response for this letter of mine.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Louis

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