Transcript Request Letter

Peter Nutbeam

Cranmer Street

London, SW19 0RE

January 17, 2010

Mr. Gerry Fidler

Administrative Officer

Southampton University


Southampton, SO17 1BJ

Dear Mr. Fidler,

I am Peter Nutbeam, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2008.  I took my undergraduate degree from 2004-2008 and majored in Microbiology.

I am writing this letter to request your good office to issue me a copy of my official transcript of records.  I am applying for graduate studies and the transcript of records is one of the documents required for submission.  Since the university requires a particular format for transcripts to be submitted, I am also requesting my transcript to be issued in the said format.  Enclosed is a copy of the format.  I am hoping that the transcript will be available before July 10 which is the deadline for submission of documents.

Should you have any queries, please contact me at 020 8528 4335.

Thank you.  I hope for your kind consideration.


Peter Nutbeam

Enclosed (1)

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