Training Request Letter


Mr Nooseburg,

Finance manager,

OLT shopping arena


The staff,

Finance department,

OLT shopping arena

Dear staff people,

This is Mr Nooseburg, the manager of the finance department of the OLT shopping arena, writing to the entire staff of the finance department. The letter has been drafted to make a request to the staff of the finance department. The request is regarding the installation of the new software in the finance department for keeping the track record of the financial transaction of the OLT shopping arena in an efficient way.

The management of the OLT shopping arena has organized a workshop for training the staff of the finance department in order to efficiently use the new software to be installed within a period of couple of weeks. I, Mr Nooseburg, the person responsible for the staff of the financial department, hereby, request each of the finance department staff to attend the workshop being organized by the OLT shopping arena. This will avoid all the different types of problems in future.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Nooseburg

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