Training Course Complaint Letter


Mr Louis,

Physical trainer,

Blossom Gym,



Ms Kirsten,

C-12, Bridgetown Archway,


Dear Ms Kirsten,

This is your physical trainer writing to express grievance and concern. The grievance is regarding the fact that you have not been giving proper attention to your fitness training course. The concern is regarding the fact that the improper and uncertain following of the fitness training course can hamper your health instead of uplifting it. Now, it is high time that you should seriously look into your methods and schedule to find time for your fitness training course. Otherwise, I am afraid that it might just prove to be a waste of time and money.

Besides the uncertain time which you allot for the training course, your diet has been a matter of concern as well. A good diet can accentuate your efforts whereas an irregular diet can result in negating all your hard work. Please, look into this matter at the earliest. I am hopeful that this letter serves its purpose.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Louis

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