Training Announcement Letter


The ITSC Group

89 Featherstone Street

London, UL990 86Y

United Kingdom

Dated: 12th of August 2013

Subject: Training announcement letter

Dear Staff Members,

This is to inform you that the company has scheduled a training session for the staff members of the Sales department.

The company has recently invested in a new desktop application which will be installed in all the machines in next 15 days. This application will help you work in a systematic and organized manner. The training will benefit you as an individual and will be beneficial for the company as a whole, as it will increase the efficiency and accuracy level of the staff members. We can all benefit from this new technology. The training is scheduled to begin on the August 20th. The training is divided in two sessions. The sessions will be held in the Conference Room. You may choose a session as per your convenience. It is a compulsory training for all. Therefore, all employees are requested to attend the sessions. For any further queries or information related to training, kindly contact the ITSC helpdesk at 100-888-429.

We are looking forward to your participation in the training program.


M.G Salt

Human Resource Department

The ITSC Group

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