Traditional Christmas Letter


Father Angell,

St Theresa Church,



Mr Scott,

B-2, Waterloo Boulevard,


Dear Mr Scott,

This letter is to convey you our wishes for good luck, true prosperity in health, soul and work during the auspicious time of Christmas. Christmas is a time to remember the arrival of win of good or evil. I wish and pray Lord brings light on you and helps you to follow the path of righteousness and truth in the coming future like He has always helped you until now.

People usually think of tomorrow during these times. However, Christmas is also a time to look back at what things have been done in a wrong way and to bring upon a conviction in mind to amend these things, if possible, or to express regret and ask for forgiveness for what mistakes have been done. Lord always gives another chance to every person, provided he should ask for it and deserve from heart to get this opportunity. Wishing you peace,

Yours caringly,

Father Angell

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