Tips for writing application letters

An application letter is a kind of a letter which is used by an individual or a group to apply for a course, job position, retrieval of a formal document or any other kind of a formal arrangement. An application letter is often written by following the formal format of letter writing. Depending upon the purpose of the application letter, each application is written in a different way. An application letter is written so as to inform the recipient about the skills and qualifications of the sender which make him/her suitable for the thing which he/she is applying for. To write a perfect application letter, one needs to follow certain points. We have a set of tips to help you write application letters in the following lines:

  • Since an application is your first ever contact with the recipient, you need to make it sound extremely respectful and formal. The body of the letter must be kept precise and one should not write anything which is irrelevant or out of context.
  • An application letter must sound like a request and one should always be careful about writing the reasons which make him/her suitable for the position that he/she is applying for.
  • Another tip that will be useful for writing an application letter is to write a formal subject stating the application’s purpose.
  • A formal opening salutation must be given before writing the body of the letter. This salutation can consist of words like ‘respected’, ‘sir’, ‘ma’am’ etc.
  • An application letter is incomplete without mentioning the exact position for which the application letter is being written. One must always try to mention this detail in the subject itself so that the recipient can sort the letter according to the position of application.
  • One must try his best to keep the application as humble as possible. Over confidence or too much self praise can have a negative impact on the recipient.

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