Thank You Sales Letter


Kepler Jolie

General Manager

Crystal Beauty Salon

21 Royale’s Streets

Nottingham, London


23 January 2012

Subject: A word of thanks for choosing Murphy’s beauty products.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Murphy’s beauty product manufacturers. Through this letter we want to thank you for allowing us to offer you our finest products.

We assure you that your clients would be more than satisfied with this new introduction of beauty products. Our company has personally made sure that you get the best and the latest merchandise launched by us. Serving you was always a great pleasure and I am thankful to you for choosing our products.

I will revert back to you to ensure that you are satisfied. I look forward to stay in touch with customers like you. Please do not hesitate to enquire from us about any kind of purchase you made.

Thanks a lot.


Keller Suzane.

Sales Manager

Murphy’s beauty products.



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