Termination of Employment Letter

March 20, 2010

Ms. Julia West


Ceredigion, SA47 7ED

Dear Ms. West,

This is to notify you that you will be terminated from your position as sales representative in the company two months after receipt of this letter.  Your one-year contract has already expired and we will no longer renew your contract because we are cutting down on labor costs.

It is difficult for us to let you go since your performance as a sales representative in the company has been good.  We appreciate your dedication to your work and the company.  However, the company is currently undergoing some cost-cutting measures after incurring tremendous losses during the recent financial crisis.

Rest assured that you will be receiving a substantial separation pay and other benefits as per your contract.

It was a pleasure having you as an employee of the company.  We know that you will not have a hard time looking for another job as because of your skills and good work ethics.

Truly yours,

Mr. George Roberts

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