Termination Letter to Teacher


James Murray

23 Garden Square

Lake Road


January 22, 2012

(Subject: Termination of the post of Science Teacher)

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the management committee of Springdale Public High School, I am regretfully bringing this information to your knowledge that due to lack of public funds and individual charity, the concerned authorities have decided to close down the science stream of the school. With reference to such a fact, I am sorry to reveal that your post as a Science teacher comes to an end.

It is unfortunate that the current economic downturn has taken its toll on public spending. The officials of the education department of the local government have informed us that from next semester they will not be able to pay us any fund to run the science stream.

Your dues will be cleared as soon as possible. I am confident you will find a better prospect in another institute.

Yours truly

John Campbell


Springdale Public High School

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