Termination Letter Template

November 10, 2010

Ms. Liza Taylor


Elegance Perfumes

Bolton, BL5 2AB

Dear Ms. Taylor,

Please be informed that your employment to this company will now be terminated effective December 30, 2010.  The reason for your termination is that you have failed to pass the company standards with regards to the quality of work.

Your supervisor’s report states that you have been tardy more than the number allowed by company guidelines and work ethics.  Your supervisor has already personally discussed the matter with you and you have been issued warnings for at least three times but your violation has continued.  The company can no longer tolerate your dismal record since it has already negatively affected your group’s output and has caused several delays in the company’s production.

We hope you will be able to find another job within the thirty-day grace period that you have as per your contract.

Thank you and best wishes.

Truly yours,

Mr. Philip Jones

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