Termination Letter Format


________ (Full name of the person to who will be addressed)

________ (full contact address including house number, street, city)

________ (date of posting the letter)

_________ (subject of the letter, stating in few words about the content)

Dear Sir/Madam,

First Paragraph:  [starting paragraph of the termination letter outlining the current post that the concerned person holds, department of work, duration of the job, employee code etc.]

Second Paragraph: [second paragraph of the letter citing the instances of inefficiency and/or indiscipline shown by the employee in work hours or in office premises]

Third Paragraph: [third paragraph of the letter explaining in short the terms and conditions of the company and the HR cell in particular and how the employee has violated the norms]

Last Paragraph: [final paragraph of the letter informing about the termination and related details]

__________ [courtesy]

__________ [name of the official sender]

__________ [designation of the official sender]

__________ [registered name of the company]

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