Termination Letter for Student


Patrick Knott

980/2/C Long Street


January 27, 2012

(Subject: termination of studentship in White High School)

Dear Patrick,

It has come to the attention of the concerned authorities that you are continuously getting involved in undisciplined acts in the school premises even after repeated words of warning and guardian calls. The first act of indiscipline was breaking of the class window and you were formally warned for that last month.

You haven’t attended many of the compulsory classes, especially the Mathematics period. You have also missed the review classes of the science subjects.

Last week, for the third time this month, your guardian was called to make you understand the ill effects of nuisances you create. Yesterday you got yourself involved in a brawl with fellow classmates.

The school committee has taken the decision to terminate your studentship from immediate effect due to all of the above mentioned reasons.

Thanking You

Yours truly

Rev. David Richard


White High School



Termination Letters

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