Termination Letter for Fraud


Graham Richardson

29 North Country Road


January 25, 2012

(Subject: Termination of the job due to fraud)

Dear Sir,

It has come to the notice of our managing committee that the reports that you had submitted on January 15, 2012 in regards to the technical analysis of the ongoing project consisted of several portions of plagiarism.

The reports were of paramount importance in processing the project forward to the next level and strengthening the goodwill of our company but your act of plagiarism thoroughly ruined such a wonderful prospect.

Twenty percent of the project reports were copied from various sources on the net that you had not mentioned or given as references.

In view of such act of fraud, the managing committee of our company has decided to terminate your job from the position of a technical analyst. You can contact us for any query.

Yours truly

Ian Cook

Head HR

Tech Consulting

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