Tenant Complaint Letter


Ms Margaret,

B-11, Jonathan Heights Apartments,



Mrs Michelle,

B-13, Jonathan Heights Apartments,


Dear Mrs Michelle,

It is very unfortunate that I have been required to draft this letter. However, the prevailing situations have forced me to sound my grievances on the apartment which I have rented from you. You would agree that there is no doubt that payment of the rent for every month has been done on time and sometimes even before time. However, despite of this, I am encountering severe problems in apartment and there has been no effort whatsoever on your part to curb my displeasure and discomfort.

The noise which I have to deal in the wee hours because of some dance classes in another apartment rented by you has been terrible and I am afraid that I cannot keep with it any more. Besides this, there is a stack of garbage at my doorstep almost every alternate day from the same source. I hope you look into this matter at the earliest.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Margaret

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