Tenant Appreciation Letter


Ms Lavender,

B-12, Waterloo Arcade,



Mr McGonagall,

B-13, Waterloo Arcade,


Dear Mr McGonagall,

This is Ms Lavender talking to you through this letter. I wish to convey you something and I thought a letter shall do this in a better way. Mr McGonagall, you have been an excellent landlord, very much unlike the stereotypical landlord who we often hear of; and I have been extremely fortunate to find you for satisfying my house needs. You have showered care and concern on me like a fatherly figure and made me feel at home even when I have been so far away from my parents.

I have not been precise with my payments; but it has hardly mattered to you; and even if it did matter you never made me force to go through any mental trauma regarding the payment of the rent for the room which I dwell in. I wish everyone finds a landlord like you in their times of need for space.

Yours appreciatively,

Ms Lavender

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