Team Solicitation Letter


Mr Jennings,

Team Owner


All the players of my team

Dear players,

This is a no hidden fact that our team is a famous figure not only in the local arena but also in a panoramic context. Hence, it is our duty to make people aware of their responsibility towards our surroundings with the help of some intense action. The team has been invited for the Save Trees, Save Environment campaign organised by the municipal authorities of the city.

Consider the following which the team has created for itself in the recent years, it is a very obvious fact that the active involvement of each and every member of the team in the campaign shall ensure more and more people to get engrossed in the campaign. Let us help the authorities to make this event a grander one than those which were held in the past by them. This shall be a test and let the brand of our team own some goodwill.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jennings

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