Teachers Reference Letter


Mrs Collins,


KD school,



Mr Stevenson


HSD School,


Dear Mr Stevenson,

This letter has been drafted to make a friendly reference to you and your school for the history teacher. Ms Braganza has served in the school of ours for a period of 4 years, now shifted to your city, and there is hardly anything to tell against her services as a teacher. She has the professional approach for the services which she is required to be discharged. She has all the qualifications and the detail of the qualifications of Ms Braganza has been enclosed along with the letter.

The next thing to be told for the reference of Ms Braganza is that she has an exquisite ability to strike a perfect rapport with her students, from the moment she is introduced to the students. The reference is done on a very friendly note and there shall not be any compulsion forced on the decision to be made for the appointment.

Yours truly,

Mrs Collins

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