Teacher Resignation Letter

August 9, 2010

Prof. Charles Wales


Glasgow College

Glasgow, G15 3NJ

Dear Sir,

I began my teaching career in this school ten years ago and through all those years, I have learned the fundamentals of effective teaching in practice.  I am sure these lessons will be useful for me not only as a teacher inside the classroom but also as a responsible person.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for all these.

Sadly, an unfortunate circumstance that is hindering me from performing my duties satisfactorily.  I have already exhausted all means to resolve the problem but to no avail.  Thus, I need to tender my resignation from this university effective as soon as possible.  Rest assured that this has nothing to do with the school management or my fellow teachers.

Attached is a list of items and equipment assigned to me that I have already turned over.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any more queries.

Thank you.


Joy Blackstone

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