Teacher Complaint Letter


Terry William

High Rise Apartment

2nd floor, flat no. 456

67 Indiana Way Street

New London, UK 3490

Dated: 6th of May 2012

Subject: Complaint against your son

Respected Mr. William,

This letter is in regards to your son John William who studies in the 7th standard of our school Sun Shine High School. I, his class teacher have a complaint against him.

There are certain activities of your son at school that I feel is necessary to bring to your notice. During the initial three months of the session your son used to be a very obedient student, but gradually he has become really disobedient. He does not pay attention during classes and sleeps sitting at the least bench. I had given him few warnings but still he chooses to ignore my warnings. As a result I had to punish him but that has brought no change in his behavior. All the students are given assignments every week, but he never completes any of them. In last two weeks I caught him bunking classes thrice.

I would request you to look into this matter and try to make your son understand. I do not want to take any harsh action against him.


Nancy Myers

Class teacher – 7th Standard

Sun Shine High School

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