Tax Sponsorship Letter


Mr Collins,

The Mayor,



Mr Cameroon,

House no 18,

St. Stephen’s Square,


Dear Mr Cameroon,

This letter has been drafted and forwarded to you for making you aware of the fact that considering the glory which you have incurred to the name of the city, I, Mr Collins, the mayor of Lancashire, hereby, declare that your taxes for the current financial year shall be sponsored by the city municipal authority. This is just a way of expressing the gratitude from the entire city municipal authority for the glory which you have brought to the city from the sport which you engross in.

I, on behalf of the entire city, congratulate you on the success which you got in your game. I, being the first citizen of the city, shall feel proud to felicitate you for your success during the annual city festival. Please accept the appreciation from the city municipal authority and continue to give us the opportunity to felicitate you again and again in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Collins

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