Tax Return Engagement Letter


Andrew Charlie


Great Private Limited



4th February 2013

Subject: Tax return engagement letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is sent to you to confirm and mention the terms of our tax return engagement with Mr. Andrew Paul, for the year end December 2012. With this letter, I would like to clarify and specify the nature of our engagement and the extent of the services that we would be providing to you.

As per the tax return engagement, we will prepare your tax return statement for the year 2012 that you have requested for. We would be strictly not responsible for the returns that you did not mention or request.

Also, it is your responsibility to equip us with all the necessary information and details that are required for the preparation of the tax return. The engagement also mentions that we will not accept or verify the information or the data given to us by the third party, however we may ask you for the clarifications.

After the tax return engagement, you would be having the final responsibility of your returns. The enclosed document mentions the terms and conditions of the stated tax return engagement.

Please sign the consent form to acknowledge and approve the terms and conditions of the tax return engagement.

Thanking you.


Troy Roy


Royal’s Tax Department.

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