Tax Letters

Tax Letters are letters which are written in case of a tax related transaction or enquiry. These letters are extremely important and need to be drafted in such a manner that there is absolutely no scope for any mistakes or errors. A tax letter needs to be written according to a few fixed norms and should have a formal tone throughout them.

There are a variety of tax letters depending upon the recipient or also on the type of purpose. The following are a few examples based on the same:

  • Tax refund letters
  • Tax appeal letters
  • Property tax letters
  • Tax exempt letters


Some tax letters are legal by nature and the others too are of extreme importance therefore they need to be drafted carefully. The following points shall work as guidelines while writing a tax letter of any kind:

  • Be brief and do not write long sentences and avoid straying away from the main topic
  • The subject of the letter should be clear enough to indicate the purpose of the tax letter.
  • The overall tone should be formal and in no way the letter should sound casual.
  • Mention the exact official details.
  • The name and addresses of the sender and recipient should be mentioned clearly.

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