Tax Exempt Letter

Mr. Bob Lydon

Internal Revenue Office

Norwich, Norfolk

Nr4 9tj

April 29, 2010

Mr. Ethan Blackstone


Good Deeds Foundation

Dear Mr. Blackstone,

Warm Greetings!

This Is A Confidential Letter In Reply To Your Letter Dated April 10, 2010 Regarding Your Request For Tax Exemption.  You Stated In Your Letter That You Are Not A Private Organization As Listed But A Public Charity Institution Thereby Granting You Exemption From Income Tax Under Government Code.

The Office Has Reviewed Your Case, Including The Documents You Have Submitted, And We Have Found That You Are Indeed A Charity Institution.  Thus, You Are Qualified To Avail Of Tax Exemption.  Please Refer To The Government Code For The Duties And Responsibilities That You Must Adhere To As A Tax-Exempt Organization.  You May Visit Your Website Or Contact Us Should You Have Any More Inquiries.

Thank You.


Bob Lydon

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