Tax Engagement Letter

Mr. Gene Hamilton

London Association

New Cross, London

Se19 6nw

September 25, 2010

Ms. Eve Dawson

Greenwich, London

Se18 9ls

Dear Ms. Dawson,

We Are Honored That You Have Chosen London Association To Aid You In Addressing Your Tax Concerns.  I Write This Letter In Behalf Of The Company With Regard To The Terms And Policies Of Our Engagement With You.  This Serves As An Authentication Of Our Commitment.

We Provide The Services Stated Herewith.  We Will Be Filing Your Income Tax Return For You Based On The Documents You Will Be Submitting To Our Office.  We May Request Additional Information For You If Needed.  However, We Will Not Be Responsible For Verifying The Data You Submit To Us.  A Staff Of Our Company Will Help You Gather The Necessary Information For The Speedy Preparation Of Your Tax Returns.  We Will Be Filing The Documents You Submit To Us For Five Years.

Please Affix Your Signature Below If You Accept Our Terms And Policies.


Gene Hamilton                                                                 Eve Dawson

(Manager)                                                                            (Client)

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