Tax Deductible Donation Letter


Nick Cobain

234 Tango Charlie Street

California, Los Angeles 6789

Dated: 13th of May 2012

Subject: Tax deductible donation for old age home

Dear Mr. Cobain,

This is in regards to the charity that we run for old age people. We are collecting money in regards to that and would request you to contribute to the cause by donating.

Our nonprofit organization specializes in providing health, care and shelter for old people who are neglected by their family. We have tie up with the government so we can assure you that whatever donation you make is tax deductible. When you make a donation we will give you a receipt which you can attach with your tax filing form and you will get a deduction in your taxable amount.

I believe that you would agree to contribute to this great cause and donate generously.

Thanking you,

Lisa Marie Presley

Marketing Head

Old Age Care

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