Tax Claim Letter


Mr Jones,

The Property Tax Officer,

Income Tax Department,

South Glamorgan


Mr Smith,

House no 7,

Bakers’ corner,

South Glamorgan

Dear Mr Smith,

This letter has been drafted under severe desperation and we hope that the letter does meet the fruitful results. We have informed you that the property tax, according to the rules crafted in the March month of this year, needs to be paid by you at the earliest for the property which you are owning and residing as well. This is the last intimation which has been offered to you and if the favourable response does not turn up in the desired period, then we shall be forced to resort to the legal means.

After so many intimations, there has not been a single response from your side, neither positive nor negative, which has been very sad for us. Now, we hope that this final letter shall reap the fruits of the response from your side. Please try to avoid the grim consequence for the matter under concern and co-operate with us.

Yours truly,

Mr Jones,



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