Sweet Friendship Letter


Marry Kerstin

789, Plot no-6, P.C Berlin Street

Oval, London


14th June 2012

Dear Marry

Hope you are in good health and enjoying your studies at your new college. I am writing this letter after a very long time to you. I feel very sad when I remember those past days of glory in our old school. I think you must be remembering those days when we used to irritate our teachers by our notorious behavior and constant gossiping among us despite being instructed to keep quite I miss those relishing moments of joy when we used to share our lunch together.

Today tears come out of my eyes when I remember those beautiful days of our enjoyment at the school. Unfortunately every sweet story has an ending and we had to separate as we got admission in different colleges in two opposite locations.

As you must be aware that our midterm break is near and we would definitely meet during the long vacation that we get from our colleges. Now I am eagerly waiting for the holidays to meet you as soon as possible. Please let me know if you want me to get something special from this town for you or your family members. Eagerly waiting to meet you. Take care.

Yours loving friend,

Tom Perry




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