Student Welcome Letter

June 21, 2010

Ms. Ruth Walker

5 Hovenden Close, Canterbury

Kent, CT5 7DR

Dear Ms. Walker,

Good day to you!

In behalf of the Canterbury College, I welcome you to the Science graduate program.

Our university is home to thousands of students and teachers.  You will find that the campus is pleasant, providing a conducive atmosphere for learning.  We have complete facilities, spacious buildings, and a wonderful library.  You will get quality education that is at par with other top universities in the country.  The professors are more than qualified to give you training to be competitive in the field you have chosen.

In case you do not yet have a place for lodging, you may apply for residence in one of the various dormitories in the campus.  Health care services are also available.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to approach the head of your department.

Enjoy academic life in the university!


Mr. James Bennett

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